My Southern Style Dishes

My life has changed so much since meeting my love Derek. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania. Derek is a true sweet Southern Country Boy from Georgia!!! I cook like I grow up. It’s not Southern cooking at all. Even though Derek loves the dishes I make and he has his dishes he usually makes, we don’t eat much Southern style foods. After a long conversation about how he misses it sometimes. I decided to surprise him with a home cooked Southern Style dinner.

First was the fried chicken, I make fried chicken but honestly not that often at all. The crunch of the breading is the best part.

I made some southern styled green beans cooked with bacon. Green beans are so yummy this way!

Some homemade mac n cheese, my kids love mac n cheese! This is a dish I usually make for my kids. I guess I’m the only one that doesn’t love it. I like it but I’m not in love with mac n cheese.

Finally I made some biscuits. I can’t say this is a southern thing, but it was a nice addition to our meal. I have made this biscuit several times in my life.

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